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Michael Schmeling Hello, my name is Michael Schmeling and I am the founder and owner of Arid Ocean Maps. I have degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics and I am a map enthusiast. (The picture on the left is a bit fictional.)

Here I am offering my map illustrations as digital downloads, licensed for commercial use. These illustrations are meant for use on websites and in print products such as advertisements, brochures, magazine articles, sales reports, branch location maps and other kinds of geographically related diagrams.

Downloadable Maps

I am continually adding new maps to this collection. If you need a particular map that is not available here you can contact me. I will usually be able to create any map within a short time.

Why would you buy from my site instead of using a map from one of the many other map sites?
Here you can talk directly to the person who designs the maps. I will listen to your problems and help you in any way possible with your mapping needs.

Note that all images are copyrighted and any use is only allowed after purchasing a license.

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